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 Visveswaraya is the Institute with most number of All India Ranks.Our students have won 177 All India Ranks for AMIE.

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AMIE Holders can teach in engineering colleges after M.Tech. like B.Tech. holders
Monday, March 17, 2014

Visveswaraya Institute of Engineering Technology, Mattakara, Kottayam – 686 564 (  has done it again.

A blessing for the AMIE holders
            We had written to the UGC on January 3rd 2014 regarding the difficulties faced by the AMIE holders in getting appointment to teaching posts in engineering colleges after the completion of M.Tech. due to the misinterpretation done by various Institutions. Now we take this opportunity to thank UGC for the magnificent order put up by the great organisation in this regard.

AMIE Holders can teach in engineering colleges after M.Tech. like B.Tech. holders

        The University Grants Commission (UGC) has brought back the previous conditions for Teaching posts in Engineering colleges through the order No. F. No. 14-9/2013 (CPP –II) dated 28th February and published on 14/03/2014 as UGC [AFFILIATION OF COLLEGES OFFERING TECHNICAL EDUCATION BY UNIVERSITIES] REGULATIONS, 2014 in Appendix 8.

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The appendix 8 of the above order states;

The essential and desirable qualifications of academic staff at different levels in various areas of technical education shall be as per the UGC Regulations (Minimum Qualifications for Appointment of Teachers and other Academic Staff for Universities and Colleges and Maintenance of Standards in Higher Education) 2010 as amended from time to time.

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A copy of the letter we had written to UGC on the matter is displayed here for your kind perusal.


                University Grants Commission (UGC)

                Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg

New Delhi -110 002


Sub:        Suggestions regarding the Draft Regulations approval of colleges 2013


I have the following suggestions regarding the Draft Regulations for approval of colleges offering Technical Education by universities, 2013.

In the Draft, as per appendix 8, regarding Faculty Cadre and Qualifications, it is given that for The assistant Professor post, the qualification mentioned is BE/BTech in relevant subject with First Class or equivalent either in BE/BTech or ME/MTech.

This create a lot of problems while appointing Asst. Professors. There are several other qualifications as per Section 22 of the UGC act. NoF.879/58 (CUP) 1st December, 1958 which is suitable for teaching posts. If First class or equivalent is to be taken into consideration, that may be so, but the basic character of Bachelor's degree and Master's Degree should be kept. That means, all qualifications given in UGC list and awarded by the Universities must be accepted for Teaching posts depending on the subjects Similarly the equivalent qualifications like AMIE/AMIETE as well as foreign qualifications must be accepted for teaching posts. Then only, the quality of the teaching process would improve.

I quote: 

"In exercise of the powers conferred by SubSection (3) of Section 22 of theUniversity Grants Commission Act, 1956 (3 of 1956) the University Grants Commission with the approval of the Central Government hereby specifies the following degrees for the purposes of the said section, namely: LIST OF DEGREES FOR THE PURPOSES OF SECTION 22 OF THE UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION ACT, 1956.

Bachelor’s Degree           Master’s Degree          Doctorate Degree"

We have to respect this important basic authority vested with the UGC regarding the approval of degrees as per the Constitution of India. Thus,the basic qualification for Asst. Professor for Engineering/ Technology program must be: " Any Master's Degree (in the relevant discipline/subject) awarded by the Universities in India or their equivalentand it may be followed for other posts like Associate Professor and Professor as well as Principal/Director with the needed additional qualifications there afterwards.

In this regard, I would like to bring your attention regarding equivalence of Degrees awarded by ODL Institutions [like AMIE awarded by the Statutory Council, The Institution of Engineers (India)] which was taken up vehemently by the UGC recently through the order No. F.No. UGC/DEB/2013 dated 14.10.2013.

Sir, I hope, you will do the needful in this regard and bring back the authority of UGC in deciding the basic qualifications for the teaching posts and a decision will be taken accordingly.


Yours sincerely,


Tom T. Joseph

Thirunilam, Mattakara P.O.

Kottayam, Kerala – 686 564






Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bestowal of Ranks
Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Twenty-first IEI Convocation and Technicians/ Students Convention was organized by Kerala State Centre during 19-20 Oct 2013 at Thiruvananthapuram. Dr. Raju Narayana Swamy, IAS, Secretary to the Government of Kerala, GAD (Sainik Welfare) was the Chief Guest Shri M. Chandra Dathan, Director, Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre, ISRO, Thiruvananthapuram delivered the Convocation Address. Shri Ashok Kumar Basa, President-elect, presided over the function.The Ranks of 2012 were bestowed to our students by the chief guest and certificates by Dr. Vijayamohan FIE.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


"Engineering Graduate" means a person, who- 


holds a degree in engineering or technology granted by-   


a statutory University, or (ii) an institution empowered to grant such degree by an Act of Parliament; 



has passed the graduateship examinatJon of professional bodies recognised by the Central Government as equivalent to degree;  



holds the qualifications which exempt him from Sections A and B examinations of the Institution of Engineers (India).



Friday, September 27, 2013

     We are very happy to inform that  Dr.BOBY GEORGE AMIE(I), M.Tech, P.D.F has been selected for Young Faculty Recognition Award of IIT Madras, this year. This award is based on his performance in Teaching and Research activities in the Institute (in the last four semesters). An expert committee constituted by the Director decided the selection. He received this on 05-09-2013.

HIS WORDING'S TO VIET...............

"I am extremely thankful to you for inspiring me, shaping me and giving me an opportunity to teach...... when I was with you at VIET. Thank you very much for the continued support. In the award function, I dedicated the recognition to my teachers and advisers who 'molded' me."

Friday, September 6, 2013



 Sec A (N)

                           All India 1st Rank             -           Amal. C. Sunny

 All India IInd Rank & S.N Ghosh Award    -     Ruben Jose Tom

All India IInd Rank & S.N Ghosh Award     -           Bony Joseph

                Suman Sharma   Ist Rank             -           Revathy P

                                         IInd rank             -           Neethu Jose

                               IIIrd Rank              -           Rose Mary

Sec A (D)

        Suman Sharma   IIIrd Rank                -           Anjaly Prakash

Section B                            

 Chemical Engg.           -           Viji P.C 

Computer Engg.           -           Megha Murugan


 Sec A(N)     

             All India 1st Rank                  -           Shonit Thomas

IInd Rank & S.N Ghosh Award         -           Arun Dev. S  

Suman Sharma     Ist Rank                 -           Jyothi K

                           IInd Rank               -           Soulsheni. P.V

                          IIIrd Rank               -           Rahna Binth Mohd.

 Section B

 Chemical Engg.Ist & Glasgow Award      -           Aswathy A.A

                      Electronics and Commn.     -           Jismy Jose

                        Mechanical Engg.             -          Elizabeth Jincy Johnson


Friday, September 27, 2013


1.         Yadhukrishnan.S        -           IIT Kharagpur (M.Tech, Aerospace Engineering)


2.         Ajitha Cyriac              -           IIT Kharagpur (M.Tech, Earth Science)


3.         Anand Mathew           -           IIT Kharagpur (M.Tech, Earth Science)


4.         Jipson Johnson            -           IIT Kharagpur (M.Tech, Earth Science)


5.         Vishnu Goodwill          -           IIT Bombay (M.Tech, Airplane Stability)


6.         Hariharan. K               -           IIT Madras (MS., Ocean Technology)


7.         Jerin Robins.E             -           IIT Madras (MS., Mechanical)


8.         Anish P.A                   -           NIT Ranchi (M.Tech, Mechanical)


9.         Arun Jacob                 -          NIT Rourkela (M.Tech. Research)


10.       Sudheesh.S                 -           NIT Surat (M.Tech, Mechanical)


11.       Sachinraj. K.V            -           NIT Punjab (M.Tech, Welding Technology)


 12.       Sonu .P Kumar            -           NIT Punjab (M.Tech, Welding Technology






















Monday, May 27, 2013

Engineering Technology

   Engineering is born in industry, not in academic Institutions. The industry born Engineering education is called “Engineering Technology” and the university born is known as “Bachelor of Engineering.” A university trained Engineering Graduate has to go through further training to assimilate to the industry, whereas an ET Graduate need not. 

       Engineering Technology is an International Program conducted all over the world as an accepted method of engineering education.

     Many countries in the world adopt Engineering Technology (AMIE, AMIETE, AMAeSI etc. in India) as an acceptable qualification equivalent to their Engineering graduation.

      Many studies have shown that most Engineering Graduates in India are unemployable. But nobody has ever found by the same scale that, Engineering Technology Graduates are unemployable; nor does any statistics exist, which shows that it is so.

      B.Tech and AMIE Graduates write a common examination known as Graduates Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) conducted by the various IITs in India on behalf of MHRD. It is considered as a tool for deciding the benchmark for the quality of undergraduate engineering education in the country. On Comparing the results of Engineering Technology as well as AICTE approved Institution’s candidates, show that Engineering Technologists are faring better in this examination. 

      Almost all the ET graduates who joined for M.Tech./Doctorate has proved beyond doubt that they are exemplary, compared to many of his counterparts from BE/B.Tech in relation to theory as well as practical. Definitely merit must be the criterion for deciding about a course.

      Engineering Technology (AMIE, AMIETE, AMAeSI etc.) is the low cost education in Engineering, started in India almost a century ago. This is a major policy initiative that helps the common man in India. India is still a major village economy; many a peoples’ opportunity to become a graduate engineer working in remote areas, and still rise in the world is fulfilled through these programs. Similar is the case of a lot of serving soldiers of the armed forces who is benefited for their promotion, still remaining in job.

     The ET brings in wide opportunities for non-formal and open education where as B.Tech. education is a closed system.


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