Visveswaraya is Evidently Excellent

 Visveswaraya is the Institute with most number of All India Ranks.Our students have won 177 All India Ranks for AMIE.

                                                  Vibrant VIET 

 Ever since its inception in 1988, Visveswaraya Institute of Engi  ­neering Technology has been instrumental in providing contributions to engineering sector in the form of high quality technical man power at par with IITs and NITs. Structured on the lines of best Institutions for engineering in the country, VIETs materialisation into national centre of excellence has been at a breath taking pace.    

             VIET is the undisputed leader in the field of Engineering Technology education and is the only result oriented Institute for AMIE & AMAeSI in India. Its unique approach, innovative curriculum and teaching strategies make the study at Visveswaraya a varied and fascinating experience. It has made its presence felt nationally which is evident from the fact that students from 9 states study here. Besides AMAeSI, VIET conducts 6 branches of academic programmes for AMIE.  

           Hell-bent on winning, VIET guides you to reach those astonishing heights where you will be ultimately free.  We believe . . . . . . .

            Excellence does not lie primarily in buildings, equipment and financial resources. It represents an attitude of mind. The creation of centres of the highest caliber calls for an environment in which human beings stretch themselves to the limits of their abilities. The outstanding teacher attracts the finest students, and creates an overall intellectual atmosphere in which there is team spirit, with individuals pushed to the   very limits of their intellectuial capability, and also deriving strength from the other in a resonant and supportive manner. It is this that we should aim in all our institutions

                                                                        -Prof MGK Menon